Lovely Charts iPad Edition now available on the App Store!

If you've looked at our different product pages, you've probably noticed the two editions of Lovely Charts are rather different...
The bottom line being: if you need a super cheap, simple, on-the-go, online solution, go for the Web app. If you're looking for something more comfortable, extensible and powerful, pick the Desktop app.
Now if you still aren't clear on which version to pick, the following table should help you out figuring out what's in and what's not for each version.

Desktop Online iPad
Ease of use
Super über easy "Drag & Drop" diagram creation Yes Yes Yes
Drawing guides Yes N/A Yes
"Snappable" drawing grid Yes Yes N/A
Alignment tools Yes Yes N/A
Zooming & panning support Yes Yes Yes
Connection styles (color, width, arrows, style (continuous, dashed, dotted, ...)) Yes Yes Arrows and style
Keyboard shortcuts Yes, native Available on Firefox PC, limited on Internet Explorer PC N/A
Built-in libraries: flowcharts, sitemaps, people, network, wireframes, BPMN Yes Yes Rectangle, Oval, Rounded rectangle, Diamond, Input/output, Document
Import your own images (JPG, PNG, GIF) Yes Yes N/A
Import vector symbols (SWF) Yes N/A N/A
In-app access to Yes N/A N/A
Create your own libraries Yes N/A N/A
Share libraries Yes N/A N/A
Import third-party libraries Yes N/A N/A
Automatic layouts Yes N/A N/A
Automatically generate diagrams from text files Yes N/A N/A
Filter effects: dropshadows, emboss, text-engraving... Yes N/A N/A
Enhanced text formatting options Yes N/A N/A
Change diagram fonts Yes N/A N/A
Pixel-perfect connections Yes N/A Yes
Advanced link control Yes N/A Yes
Work offline Yes N/A Yes
Save files locally, on Dropbox, or on your own server Yes N/A Locally + share via Email
Drag & Drop files from filesystem (diagrams, images, SWF files, text files, libraries) Yes N/A N/A
Export diagrams to images (JPG, PNG) Yes Yes Yes
Export diagrams to PDF N/A Yes N/A
Versioning support: access entire diagram history Yes Yes (Premium only) N/A
Unlimited exports Yes Yes Yes
Share your diagrams Yes (as files) Yes (built-in) Yes (as .lcml files or images)
Attach comments to any diagram N/A Yes N/A
Price € 59 €29/Year € 3.99